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Three Critical Reasons You Need an Expert Real Estate Agent

As members of Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Professionals, we come from various brokerages but share a common goal: to deliver significant personal and financial benefits when you’re selling or buying a home in the Dripping Springs area. Here's how we can help:

Selling Your Home: Mastering Pricing, Negotiations, and Documentation

Many opt for “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) thinking they’ll net more money, but according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), FSBO homes sell on average for about $100,000 less than those sold with an agent’s assistance. In 2023, FSBOs accounted for only 7% of all home sales, an all-time low. Here’s how we can help:

- Accurate Pricing: We ensure your home hits the market at the right price. Overpricing leads to buyers ignoring your property, while underpricing can leave serious money on the table or turn buyers away. “Because we know Dripping Springs real estate so well, we have a deeper understanding of the value of homes, land and ranches,” says Carlisle Kennedy, DS Elite member and agent with Kuper Sotheby’s International. “And we can advise clients on the unique property features such as water wells, wildlife exemptions and rainwater collections to help save you money and time.”

- Expert Negotiations: Our training and experience in negotiation are crucial from the initial offer through inspection and closing.

- Managing the Details: Selling a home involves a lot of paperwork, legal documentation, rules, and regulations. We help avoid mistakes that could lead to problems and delays -- and additional financial hits.

Buying Your Home: Leveraging Experience, Insight, and Negotiation

As your guides through the complex buying process, we aim to alleviate the stress of one of the largest purchases of your life. Here’s what we provide:

- Proven Experience: We walk you through each step of the buying process, offering professional advice based on our training, expertise, and community relationships. “This includes problem solving and additional resources from other members of DS Elite,” says Carlisle. “By pooling our experience and resources, we can intercept potential problems before they become an issue for our clients.”

- In-Depth Local Knowledge: We keep you informed about your local market, including how quickly homes are selling and the latest listings. No one knows Dripping Springs better than we do.

- Understanding Market Trends: We help you understand home values and the latest pricing trends, ensuring you make the best offer.

- Expertise with Documentation: In a heavily regulated and fast-moving process, we help you navigate needed disclosures and documents.

- Skilled Negotiation: From offer to counteroffer to inspection to closing, you need a skilled negotiator to get you the best deal.

New Construction: Ensuring Your Interests Are Protected

Buying from a builder is different, and while builders have sales agents on site, they work for the builder. To protect your interests, you need your own agent. Here’s how we help:

- Comprehensive Market Insight: We provide insights on how the area may evolve, review the builder’s site plan, and identify potential future developments.

- Quality Assurance: We know construction quality and builder reputations to ensure you’re buying a quality home.

- Guidance on Upgrades: We advise on the upgrades that are likely to add the most long-term value.

- Navigating Contracts: Builder contracts can be complex. “We ensure you’re not agreeing to terms that only benefit the builder and skillfully negotiate in your best interests,” Carlisle added.

If you’re not currently looking to sell or buy a home, please share this information with anyone you know who might be ready to move. For help in listing your home for the best price—and finding your dream home—please text, call, or email any one of us today!