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Getting Better Together with Capital Farm Credit

If you are buying or selling in this nutty market, chances are you need financing assistance or may want to discuss your questions and concerns with a trusted advisor. Capital Farm Credit is a great resource and one that Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Professionals trust fully with customers’ needs. From helping with financing rural properties, calculating loan costs or pricing strategies, Capital Farm Credit knows the market and boasts a team of experts in their industry. That is why we are so glad to have Capital Farm Credit as trusted advertisers with our organization.

The unique difference with Capital Farm Credit is that they specialize in rural land financing including ranching, wildlife (including honeybees), hunting and recreational properties.

“We are a cooperative, so customers become an owner of the Association,” says Mark Rutledge, Credit Office President. “As owners, they share in our net income and also have a say in our organization with a voting right. The cash back they receive is called Patronage and significantly reduces the effective interest rate which is is a strong reason to finance with Capital Farm Credit,” Mark added.

This philosophy of collaboration and cooperation is what makes them the perfect ally in a sometimes unpredictable real estate industry. “Mark and his team are experts in their field,” says Dripping Springs Elite Member Letisha Scharff of WoW Properties. “No matter what obstacles we may face, they are ready and willing to help navigate a solution.”

According to Mark, the feeling is mutual. “DS Elite members fulfill the name in their professionalism, production and care for their customers. The relationships built within the DS Elite membership feed more business to us all. It is this synergy that benefits our business’ – not to mention the great meetings and Christmas Party,” he added.

Whether “all business” or “all fun,” this is a shining example of what can happen when two service-minded groups come together for a cause. “The Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Professionals group is one of the best realtor organizations because they care, share and help each other--and their customers--in selfless ways that ultimately bring more business to us all. Great people to work with!” Mark says.

Aww, thanks Mark. We are blushing!

For more information and to connect with Mark and his team at Capital Farm Credit, visit https://drippingspringselite.com/advertisers/capital-farm-credit or Capital Farm Credit.