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Will AI Destroy The Real Estate Agent?

News sites have been predicting the end of Real Estate Agents ever since Al Gore invented the internet. When Zillow came along, the same “analysts” predicted that Agents would go the way of Napster and the Blackberry within two years. To say they were flat-out wrong is giving them too much credit. There are more agents now than at any point in history. Why do we continue to listen to these pundits? It’s like going on 50 terrible dates with the same person, hoping that this next date will be the one where you hit it off. Sometimes, you need to call the mess the bull makes what it is.

The release of AI prompted many of those same talking heads to say that Agents are done. Why use an agent when a computer can find a house, write the contract and close the deal for you? Emotion and feelings are what makes that prediction so wrong.

Sure, agents will use AI for descriptions and marketing jargon. You’ll be able to identify it by it’s lack of passion and character. Last month’s Mallett Integrity Team column was written by AI and tweaked to cut out the inaccuracies. I am certain you will agree that, while it is fact filled, it is dull.

Where AI would have a hard time is when a buyer asks for a credit from a seller to paint the kitchen because the color “reminds him of a dress his ex wife wore”. Have a computer try and make sense of that. Only a human being can figure out a way to get him to see reason. It takes empathy and tact to do that; Something computers lack and always will lack.

Sometimes silly insignificant facts clog up people’s thinking. Who will be the level headed adult to figure out a solution? AI shouldn’t be your go-to in a messy situation. “Hey Chat GPT…How do I sell my house?”

It takes human beings to work through messy, emotionally charged situations. Computers work fine when everything can be templated. Every single deal is so completely different that there can be no template. No computer is powerful enough.

Agent’s always have and always will adapt. The good ones will use AI as a tool, but AI isn’t going to replace them anytime soon.

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