Waging a War Against Oak Wilt with Oak Wilt Pros

Known for their drought tolerance, expansive shade, slow growth and huge trunks, live oak trees are iconic here in Central Texas,. They are native to the Texas Hill Country and provide beautiful landscapes for homeowners, important ecosystems for wildlife and majestic jungle gyms for kids of all ages.

Throughout history, oak trees have even been seen as a symbol of strength but today their fortitude is threatened by an invasive fungus: oak wilt. The infection prevents the trees from circulating water throughout their systems causing them to wilt -- hence the name. Within just a few short weeks of infection, the oak’s leaves turn, brown and if swift action is not taken, the entire tree will die. Thankfully, there is a team of local experts that make it their mission to save these trees from inevitable destruction: Oak Wilt Pros.

“Our first step is to schedule a free consultation with our International Society of Aboriculture (ISA) certified arborist,” said owner Stephen Ashby, founder of Oak Wilt Pros. “From there, we create a care plan that meets and exceeds the highest standards set forth by Texas A&M Forest Service.”

In addition to treating diseased trees, Oak Wilt Pros seeks to prevent the spread of oak wilt through trenching measures directed at stopping the pathogen at root level. Their techniques have saved thousands of trees throughout central Texas. “Oak Wilt Pros are true leaders in the industry,” according to Dripping Springs Elite Agent Letisha Scharff. “Their expansive knowledge not only breathes life back into our magnificent landscapes, it protects our financial investment.”

Live oak trees offer significant value from a both a landscaping and aesthetic standpoint. The loss of these trees can have a tremendous impact on a property’s value – leaving the landscape forever changed. “We are one of the very few businesses that specialize in oak wilt management, said Ashby. and the only one operating with an emphasis on pre-purchase property inspections aimed at protecting buyers from an often-neglected oak wilt disclosure.”

Oak Wilt Pros’ dedication to Dripping Springs residents and the community in which they live is a natural fit for the Elite team. And it’s what makes them the first choice when referring tree care services to buyers and sellers. “With Oak Wilt Pros, it’s not just about doing business, it’s about doing right by those who live here,” according to Scharff. “In addition to preventing and treating oak wilt, they donate a portion of their sales to tree research and replenishment, creating a better environment for us all.”

“We are proud to serve Dripping Springs Elite’s clients and look forward to providing a valuable service for buyers and homeowners needing property inspections and oak wilt management services,” said Ashby. “DS Elite is a group of experienced professionals that truly have their client's best interests in mind, as well as the local residents and community as a whole.”

To learn more about Oak Wilt Pros and their services, visit our advertisers’ page or find them online at www.oakwiltpros.com.