The Power of a Love Letter – in Real Estate?

Love Letters, you remember those? With emails, social media posts and texts dominating our communications, a love letter is still quite romantic and magical to its intended. How could that magic work in real estate?

What if you were selling your home and you received a letter from a prospective buyer detailing all the things they loved about your home, and why THEY are the right buyers? In the very least it would make you stop and think about their offer.

It’s a proven fact that we make purchases based on solutions or emotions. As a seller, you most likely have deep feelings about your home, even if you’re motivated to sell and ready to move. Passing your home to a new family who will appreciate and love its unique qualities is a gift. As a buyer, you are looking to make a connection with the seller and appeal to their emotions with your offer to buy their home as a solution.

So, the next time you’re putting in an offer, consider a little “love” letter to go with it. Here are some tips for making it the best:

· Describe what makes this home your dream home

· Share your journey as a buyer

· Share commonalities you have with the seller

· Paint a picture of what your life will be like when you live there

· Be authentic

· Keep it short and simple

· Show stability

· Don’t point out flaws or improvements that need to be made

· Make it a multimedia love letter

· Be professional

Show your love for the home you want to buy. And remember, your Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Agent will be right by your side the whole way.