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Prepping Your Home for Summer/Winter

It is easy to get distracted by the holidays and let your home maintenance fall by the wayside. But the truth is, you will be able to enjoy the rest of summer and upcoming winter activities a lot more if your home isn’t falling apart.

As real estate agents, the members of Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Professionals come across major house problems, which far too often, could have been prevented with routine maintenance. Here is our advice for homeowners prepping their homes as summer closes and we look ahead to winter.

Check your HVAC system

With Texas’ unpredictable weather, summer and winter are not always on the same schedule. So, it is important to have your HVAC system ready for either scenario.

If you have central air conditioning or heating, make sure it is working properly by checking for leaks around the vents and between the panels. Check for any corrosion that could be restricting airflow or causing rust on the outside of your unit. Make sure all vents and registers are clear of debris.

Safeguard against water damage

During the hot summer months, it is easy to forget that a leaking roof can lead to serious problems if not fixed right away. But the longer you ignore it, the bigger the repair expenses. In addition, a leak could potentially put your home at risk of a total loss due to water damage if you are not careful.

If you see any signs of trouble on your roof, contact an expert immediately so that they can assess the situation and determine what repairs are needed before things get worse.

Test your smoke and CO detectors

Smoke and CO detectors are a crucial part of your home’s safety system. They act as a first warning for any fire or carbon monoxide leak, which could lead to serious accidents if you are not alert.

Make sure your detectors are installed correctly and operating properly by testing them on a regular basis. You must test your smoke and CO detectors at least once a month.

Start your repairs in advance

Before you start major projects around the house, make sure they are doable and don't require too many obstacles like moving heavy furniture or digging up cement floors.

If you have any leaks or cracks that need repairing, start now so they don't get worse with the summer weather or the winter dampness. Also check for loose electrical sockets, which could lead to an electrical fire if left unrepaired all season long.

From home repairs and maintenance to design ideas and staging resources, members of Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Professionals can help get your home in tip-top shape when it’s time to sell your home. Visit us at to learn more.