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Packing Tips for Your Move

Spring is in the air, school is wrapping up, summer is on the horizon, and now is the time to sell your home. But selling a home is only the first step. Once you know where you’re going, the next step is moving…and it’s a fact that moving is extremely stressful. Not just for the ones packing and moving but for anybody involved in the chaotic process. And that’s the perfect environment for making mistakes.

The Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Professionals have a few tried and true packing tips, to help make moving hassle-free.

Get Rid of the Deadweight

Anything that you don't need in the new house, doesn't need to be loaded in that truck. To quote International Organizational Consultant Marie Kondo, “Discard everything that doesn’t spark joy.” The best way to do this is with a garage sale. You can sell all your old furniture, appliances, and electronics and make a little money in the process. Don't be afraid to make an impulsive decision and sell something if it isn't adding value to your move.

Clear Your Current Utility Bills

As you prepare for your move, make sure to clear out your current utility bills and set up an account with a new provider. This creates a seamless transition of services. Also, check your final bill for any unusual charges or late fees. If you find anything that looks fishy, contact the company immediately and dispute it.

Start Packing Early

Packing is a stressful time for everyone. But you can make it easier if you start early. That will help reduce stress and give you enough time to be meticulous about your move. Start with items you won't need right away so you don’t find yourself living out of boxes and repacking. Keep essentials packed separately for quick access. No one wants the frustration of having to go digging through boxes to find necessary items.

Label boxes with contents and room to simplify unpacking. Color code boxes by each room. Having a color system for each room can ensure organization when putting things away.

Check, Double-Check, Triple-Check Before Leaving

It is tempting to skip this step, but it is essential for a smooth move. Take a quick walk through your house before leaving to make sure nothing was left behind. If you created an inventory list of all your belongings, cross items off the list as you take the tour.

Check under furniture and appliances for any small items that could be hiding behind them. Be sure to open all the cabinets – top, and bottom – and double-check you didn’t leave anything. Same with closets – be sure to check on top of the shelves to make sure there isn’t anything hiding and pushed to the back. Another good habit is to check the condition of your furniture before loading it into the truck. Make sure it is safe and secure, and make a mental note of the condition in which it is loaded.

Following these easy steps will make your life so much easier as you begin the next chapter. Dripping Springs Real Estate Professionals can point you in the right direction and recommend some great moving companies to help you through the process. Reach out today!

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