On the Move with Nick Kent of Olympia Moving & Storage

With all the movement (pun completely intended) in the greater Austin real estate market, finding a reliable moving company that can execute a flawless move in a timely manner is becoming an increasingly important item to check off your to-do list!

Nick Kent knows this all too well. As a sales manager for Olympia Moving and Storage, he realizes the critical importance of relationships. “Being a member of DS Elite is something I would strongly recommend to any vendors in the Dripping Springs area and beyond! These folks are a great resource as knowledgeable and industry-leading Realtors,” says Nick. “With our membership, we receive the benefit of invaluable networking time with a really amazing group of Realtors. They can open personal and professional doors of all kinds and are just enjoyable to spend time with! The referred business is just an added bonus. We know that any business referred by a Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Professional is not only business you want to have, but also business you can feel confident in winning after their stellar recommendations.”

When asked what makes Olympia different, Nick underscores the organization’s commitment to honesty and dedication to their clients, even when things go wrong. “We are a strong organization that prides itself in the care that our team members bring to the belongings and homes of every one of our clients. However, despite our best efforts, moving is a very difficult job and sometimes there will be unfortunate mistakes and damages that occur in an otherwise great move.”

At Olympia Moving and Storage, not only does Nick and his team understand this, they also pride themselves in doing the right thing on the back end to make sure that each and every client is left with a great experience overall. In fact, their efforts have earned them a 95% satisfaction rating in the industry.

The company’s dedication to providing top-notch service resonates with Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Professionals Administrator, Michelle Lewis, of Keller Williams Mallett Integrity Team, who feels that Nick and Olympia Moving and Storage add value to the Elite group by being engaging, reliable, and taking great care of referrals.

“Nick is so great to have as a partner and a community member in general. Having a service-centric company that we know can execute a move that is uneventful and smooth makes our lives and our clients’ lives so much easier,” Michelle says.

If you’re in the market for a residential or commercial move, we encourage you to learn more about the company who is consistently chosen as the preferred relocation partner of universities, businesses and of course, Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Professionals. Learn more about Olympia Moving and Storage and see a complete list of our advertising partners.