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On Stage with Michelle Getty of Bella Casa Home Staging

We all know how hot the real estate market is right now and we are thankful to have such great partners such as Bella Casa Home Staging to assist with our fast-paced staging needs. Michelle Getty, owner, works wonders to stage homes to achieve maximum results for her clients – which are real estate agents.

“It may be a surprise to know that staged homes sell faster even in this hot seller’s market,” Michelle said. “We our Bella Casa team as an extension of the real estate agent’s marketing team.”

And that is exactly how the 25 members of Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Professionals view her collaboration.

“When you work with Bella Casa Home Staging, you get professionals with high standards and practical understanding,” said Alexia Dauterive, Elite member and Realty Austin agent. “As the seller’s representative, I can rely on Michelle and her team to help the homeowner understand what is required to present and market their home to attract the most potential buyers. It’s all business as a stager; doing what it takes to get a home the most attention in the market.”

Bella Casa Home Staging is a full-service staging house, offering walk-through consultations, occupied home stagings and vacant home stagings. “How you live in your home and how you sell your home are two entirely different things. We want homeowners to achieve maximum revenue when putting their homes on the market,” Michelle added.

Just as every home and client are unique, so are staging needs. Real estate is never one size fits all. “We do not do cookie-cutter staging. Every home has beautiful features that need to be showcased to create an emotional connection for potential buyers. We pride ourselves on CUSTOM staging. We preview, get the feel of the neighborhood, the features of the home and then look at comps. After that, we have a conversation with the agent to understand their approach to the market with the specific property. Then we make a plan that will compete with other homes on the market,” Michelle said.

“While we service all of the Austin Metro area, we have an affinity for our hometown and love to serve its residents!” she said. “Dripping Springs real estate professionals understand the value in presenting a quality product to the market. They take pride in their listings and take great care of their clients.”

“Being an advertiser with Dripping Springs Elite allows me to be in front of 25 LOCAL real estate professionals who know our Dripping Springs area well and understand this market to the tiniest of details,” she added.

Michelle says she loves working with Dripping Springs Elite members because of the experience and expertise of the agent members.

“In almost every case, it is best to sell your home with an agent who knows your specific area and the microclimate you live in. Dripping Springs Elite's agent members have DECADES of experience and specific knowledge that applies to the local real estate market. I know they are passionate about representing their clients in the best manner possible and utilizing local resources to assist them in their businesses,” stated Michelle.

The Bella Casa Home Staging philosophy requires that each project be individually curated to achieve maximum results. From agents to homeowners, they all agree that Michelle and her team consistently follow that dedication to excellence.

Every space has the potential for beauty with optimum layout and flow that can motivate buyers to make an offer. The untrained eye can easily miss the hidden potential of a room. Our stagers are expertly trained to showcase the most practical use of each space within a home. -Michelle Getty, Owner, Bella Casa Home Staging

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Photo by Bella Casa Home Staging

Master bedroom staging by Bella Casa Home Staging