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Is Multigenerational Home Living Right for You?

Multigenerational living is when at least two adult generations live together. An example of this could be a home with grandparents living with their kids and grandkids. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, there was an increase in the number of homes bought for multigenerational households. Many Americans have found their needs are changing and that multigenerational living is more suitable for them.

Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Professionals work daily with clients in the area and those looking to move to Dripping Springs on this very concept.

A recent study from Generations United identified some of the top benefits of multigenerational living as an improved financial situation, greater physical and mental health, stronger relationships with loved ones, and more. Multigenerational living can also create opportunities for school or job training, as well as making it easier to care for loved ones while living under the same roof. According to the executive director at Generations United, “Families may come together from need, but they are staying together by choice. Indeed, more than 7 in 10 of those currently living in a multigenerational household plan to continue doing so long-term.”

Although with more adults living under the one roof, you may need more space. If you decide multigenerational living is the right fit for you, it is important to understand exactly what your family will need to make the arrangement work to its fullest.

One of the top things that homeowners are looking for while living with additional family members is more space. That could mean extra bedrooms and bathrooms or features like an in-law garage apartment or a guest house.

If you are noticing your current house doesn’t have the room you need for multigenerational living, a professional real estate advisor can help you navigate to find the right home that works for you and all of your loved ones. And no one knows Dripping Springs real estate better than our group – made up of 25 different brokerages/agents!

Living in a multigenerational household has real and motivating benefits. It may be the right fit for your family. If you are intrigued and want to learn more about these options in our Dripping Springs, Texas, let’s chat so you can find a home that fits your changing desires and needs.