How Dripping Springs Elite Can Help You Sell/Buy Your Ranch

How Dripping Springs Elite Realtors Can Help You Sell/Buy Your Ranch

Buying or selling a ranch can be a complicated process. With taxes, exemptions, and the actual sale to consider, selling or buying a ranch can be a headache! Take all the worry out by using the dedicated agents at Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Professionals! With 25 agents from different brokerages, a combined 450 years of experience, and 1 billion dollars in total sales, our group of professionals can make a huge difference in your real estate needs. Contact us today to see how our expertise can help you!

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Brown and white cows in pasture

Agriculture Exemptions

Buying a ranch usually means that you will be doing some kind of agriculture. From raising cows to beehives, you could qualify for agricultural tax exemptions in the state of Texas. The Team at Dripping Springs Elite can walk you through the programs and processes required to ensure you receive a correct tax designation for the agricultural production on your land.

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Septic Systems

Having a ranch outside the city limits could mean that your house's plumbing works on a septic system. Before buying or selling your ranch, make sure you get your septic system inspected to check the system’s age and capacity. If it is not correct for the size of house you own, you may need to replace it. Luckily, Dripping Springs Elite can help you handle any septic issues that arise.

water from well dripping into natural pool

Water Wells

Water wells on rural properties are a common sight in Texas. Although essential, they can sometimes pose issues for people trying to buy or sell a home with a water well system. Always have your well tested before buying and selling, and do your research to ensure that your well is in a good location and the right size. If you have any other concerns or questions, reach out to Dripping Springs Elite.

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Wildlife Exemptions

In addition to agriculture exemptions, the state of Texas also allows wildlife tax exemptions! By refraining from using your land for agriculture and filling out an application, you can use your land for wildlife preservation and get a substantial cut on their taxes. If this is something you’re interested in, Dripping Springs Elite can help.

Reach out to Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Professionals to find great ways to save money and sell or buy a ranch easily. Meet our team and contact us to start selling and buying today!