HOA Laws are a Win for Texas Homeowners

Whether you love them or hate them, Texas homeowners’ associations are undergoing a makeover designed to level the playing field with property owners. Dripping Springs Real Estate Professionals make it a priority to keep their clients in the loop with important legislation changes and how these changes impact Dripping Springs’ neighborhoods.

As of Sept. 1, the Texas Legislature has enacted the following rules:

  • Limits fees for resale certificates
  • Creates a central database of Texas homeowners’ associations
  • Requires HOAs to maintain a website with management certificates and meeting information and notification
  • Protects property owners from negative credit reporting when a fine or fee is under dispute
  • Prevents some conflicts of interest within their governing boards
  • Provides better due process in dispute resolution
  • Protects owners’ and tenants’ private information by specifying HOAs may not require access to lease agreements
  • Requires an association to solicit bids for any contract for services over $50,000
  • Provides enforcement mechanism for dedicatory instruments and management certificates
  • Bars an HOA from prohibiting certain pool safety enclosures
  • Bars an HOA from prohibiting the installation of security measures on an owner’s private property
  • Bars an HOA from prohibiting religious displays
  • Provides additional legal avenues when seeking resolutions from a dispute with a HOA

The legislation was authored by Senator Bryan Hughes and Representative Chris Turner and was supported by many Texas REALTORS who were instrumental in getting the reform laws passed. If you have questions, be sure to contact one of our members. For more, visit Senate Bill 1588.