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Five Traits of the Best Real Estate Agents

During the real estate boom of 2020-2022, the number of licensed agents in the country exploded, increasing by over 30%. Thousands of people were lured by the promise of easy money and a new Mercedes. Some of those agents only did a few transactions during that time and many quit as soon as the branches on the money tree started to wither.

Agents come and go. 90% of licensed agents don’t make it past their 3rd year in the business. The ones that have staying power have exceptional talent and train to be better every day. All of the best agents have five qualities in common:

Experience: They will give their clients the benefit of their experience and knowledge by speaking up and giving advice when needed. Many agents are quiet and passive, but the best agents speak openly and clearly even when they know their clients want to hear something else.

Research: They do research. They look at sales, on market properties, trends, and projections to determine the best strategies for your success. Anything less is a Hail Mary pass with little chance of success. Good agents always know the numbers and can support their recommendations.

Strategic Negotiating: They have multiple negotiating strategies and know which ones to use in every situation. There is no one size fits all tactic when negotiating. Sometimes you use honey and sometimes you need to use a great big club. Using the wrong tactic only creates chaos and poorer clients.

Confidence: They are optimistic and proactive. Even when things look dire, a good agent will look for a way to salvage the unsalvageable. As Yogi Berra once said, “It ain’t over ‘till it’s over.” If a deal is dead they instantly move on to plan B to get the property sold. The real estate gods have no patience for whining.

Attention to Detail: They don’t cut corners. There is a tried and true process required to get a contract to closing. Lazy or untrained agents always look for ways to do less and get the same outcome. No one gets to the top of any game by doing less than the best.

Hire an Elite Agent

You will have dozens of choices when you hire a Real Estate agent. Only a few of those will be elite agents that strive to be the best every day. Make sure you hire from the special forces of agents. There aren’t many, and they train every day to be ready when you call.

About Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Professionals

Dripping Springs Elite is NOT a brokerage. It is a professional organization comprised of top real estate agents in the area from different brokerages who collaborate and work together to make buying and selling in their town the best it can be for their clients. DS Elite is also dedicated to building up our community and its nonprofits to strengthen the quality of life for all residents. Contact one of our agents today: https://drippingspringselite.com/#agents.

Article created for DS Outlook May 2023: https://www.dsoutlook.com/category/current-issue/