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Dripping Springs Elite Autumn Update -- A Letter from the President

A small group of local real estate brokers and agents gathered in the summer of 2016 to discuss a growing challenge for our businesses but moreover for consumers and our community at large. A stunning 67% of the homes sold in Dripping Springs in 2016 were sold by agents who typically live and work outside of our Hill Country area. Some of these agents had no experience with septic systems, water wells, rainwater collection systems, agricultural exemptions or deed restrictions. Selling a condo in downtown Austin requires none of that knowledge, but almost all of the homes sold in Dripping Springs have at least some element or factor atypical to the residential Austin real estate market. Hiring agents that are unfamiliar with these rural property aspects can seriously disadvantage the buyer and/or seller and promote less than optimal results.

Our solution to this problem was the formation of the Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Professionals in January of 2017. In order to be a member of the group, our agents must have a minimum of $5 million dollars in yearly real estate residential sales production, an office in Dripping Springs, and more than 50% of their yearly business has to be from within our own community. The focus of the group is to offer the highest level of service to our clients as well as a vast degree of expertise in all the intricacies of selling properties in an rural setting. We want to be THE real estate resource for anyone looking to buy, sell or invest in Dripping Springs, Texas.

We come from many different brokerages. It is our founding principle that our clients deserve to be represented by a knowledgeable, professional, experienced agent that will help them buy or sell with the smoothest transaction and best financial outcome possible.

I believe we are positively changing the local real estate market by highlighting that not all real estate agents are created equal. By hiring a DRIPPING SPRINGS ELITE REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS agent, you can be certain you will be working with one of the most premier specialists in the business. Don’t settle for just any agent. You deserve to have the best to help you handle what is often the largest financial transaction of your life.