Doing Your Due Diligence with Deed Restrictions

Neighborhood properties as well as parcels of farm/ranch land often have deed restrictions that dictate where vehicles must be parked, types of fences and detached buildings you can have, and even the maximum height your grass can get. You will want to know about these restrictions before you buy. (You don’t want to find out at the last minute that you can't construct your She-shed or rod iron fence!) The best advice is working with a knowledgeable real estate agent familiar with the area to ensure you have all the deed restrictions details.

In Dripping Springs, we have a wide variety of property types, and that means many restrictive covenants, also known as deed restrictions. These rules outlined in a deed will limit how a piece of real estate can be used, and what can be built on it. Often, restrictions are imposed to maintain property value. Understanding what a property’s limits are, as well as what is allowed before purchasing it, will save you valuable time and alleviate future frustrations should you want to build or add to your property.

It’s a critical step in the purchasing process to check the deed for any restrictions. By enlisting the help of a Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Professional you’ll get expertise to make the decision easier. Learn more about deed restrictions.