Beyond Real Estate Transactions: Community Outreach & Support

As a professional organization of experienced real estate agents for Dripping Springs, we work together to combine our knowledge and resources to benefit our clients and the betterment of the Dripping Springs community. Many people may not realize that one of our core values is supporting local businesses, Dripping Springs Independent School District, nonprofits and area organizations with our time and money.

Each year while we serve clients with real estate transactions, we carve out time to help as many local organizations as we can. From Dripping Springs-based charities like Foster Village, Willpower Community Foundation, and Red Arena to school employees, community fundraisers, Friday night football and golf booster club tournaments, Dripping Springs Elite shows up when and where we can. And this includes many of our Advertisers who work with us as partners for our clients as well as our community.

Local Realtors Focused on Local Service

Through our Charitable Giving Committee, we budget and plan donations throughout the year in many shapes and sizes. For 2021, we focused on giving a wide variety of goods in various denominations for silent auction items comprised of gift cards from local businesses. This way we keep the money in town and encourage others to do so as well.

“By purchasing gift cards from Dripping Springs area restaurants and boutiques, we give business to them, and whoever wins the prize has an incentive to eat and shop locally,” said Edith Austin, co-chair of the Charitable Giving Committee. “We’re local realtors focused on local service.”

We’ve donated bottled water for DSISD employees and volunteers working the home football game, and for district donors and DSHS graduates who like the birds-eye-view from the press box. Earlier in the year we contributed to teacher and staff appreciation efforts with “Essentials for Essentials” treats like sodas and snacks at each school.

Donations to Dripping Springs Neighborhoods & Events

We also have so many wonderful neighborhoods in Dripping Springs that we love to support. Many have events throughout the year where we can provide door prizes, auction items and gifts to help their community fun.

One major event we sponsored this year was the 6th Annual Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival that brings visitors and residents together in downtown for three full days of music with 45-50 artists from around the world. Giving to area events like this and supporting them through donating and volunteering is our foundational commitment as members of Dripping Springs Elite.

“By investing in our community and its people we stay connected to what’s important—the people and businesses that make Dripping Springs so special. And we build up our community the right way,” said Melissa Roberts, co-chair. “It is what sets us apart from other real estate organizations – our dedication to Dripping Springs -- and we try to give to as many groups as we can each year, increasing our donations each year,” she added.

Year-round Giving Where We are Living

Rolling up our sleeves to help clear land for Red Arena is how we started 2021, and we’ll wrap up the year with a donation drive for dogs – both service dogs for military and dogs at local shelters--PAWS and WAG. Be sure to follow our socials to stay connected and see how you too can help neighbors and organizations flourish.

If you have a charity or fundraising event, let us know. We’d love to hear about it!


Essentials for Essentials

Treats for DSISD Employees at all 8 schools

DSE Giveaway Donatin Sample.jpg

Buy Local, Shop Local

Gifts cards from local businesses given as door prizes and silent auction items for fundraising.