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Advertiser Spotlight: Brandon Sparks, Barton Creek Lending Group

The Sparks Team Ignites Lending in Dripping Springs

Brandon Sparks of Barton Creek Lending Group works by the motto “If it’s legal and possible…I can fund it.” It is this reality that he supplies to his clients, and this kind of service that makes him the valuable resource to Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Professionals (DS Elite).

Barton Creek Lending Group – The Sparks Team is an Advertiser and top supporter of Dripping Springs Elite. They provide superior loan product rates for conventional lending but that isn’t all.

“Just this year I made the Top 10 Producers in Austin with over 165 units funded at more than $62 million in loan volume -- as a sole loan officer,” Brandon stated.

That’s impressive for anyone, but the fact that Brandon and his team passionately serve their clients while maintaining excellent reviews is no small feat.

“I have over 15 years of experience in the ups and downs of this business which has made me adapt to changing times and helped me to develop very creative outlets with borrower income types,” Brandon said. “Solving problems for self-employed borrowers, and complicated situations that other Fannie Mae banks or lenders get ‘stuck in neutral’ with is my area of expertise.”

And when it comes to unique property financing needs which are often rejected by traditional lending such as log cabins, barndominiums, dome houses, non-warrantable condos, and new construction, he has learned how to solve and overcome any issues.

Working Together for Clients

As an advertiser, Brandon has experienced the connection and collaboration in working with the area’s top real estate agents from various brokerages that make up Dripping Springs Elite.

“I have met solid professionals right here in my own backyard,” he said. “Working alongside them in our community has been beneficial. With this business being so much about relationships, we thrive when we support our community together.”

Their aligned philosophies of going above and beyond for clients makes the work rewarding and enjoyable.

According to Brandon, clients of DS Elite members will experience esoteric mastery in residential financing, with all the products that are available in the market and with impeccable service. “They will get concierge service that will often span well into the nights and weekends -- and even holidays on occasion,” Brandon explained.

Why Dripping Springs Elite?

“DS Elite members are experts who know the area’s ins and outs for the new communities that are coming to market as well as existing inventory from here through Driftwood and beyond -- out to the older ranch land communities as well,” he said.

Understanding the unique Dripping Springs market is key, but thoroughly knowing all the area has to offer isn’t something a person just picks up and learns in a year or two. As a resident of Dripping Springs himself, Brandon can back-up his lending services with real hometown insights.

“I talk about Dripping Springs Elite members all the time – and share with people daily about their expertise in this market that is becoming a pocket of the Austin metro, akin to Lakeway and Westlake as they were way back when.”

The Sparks Team Difference

“My job is to listen to the needs of our clients, meet those needs, communicate, set expectation, break complex scenarios into easy bite-sized steps…and teach the borrower the process along the way. This is the Barton Creek Lending Group’s way of benefiting clients,” he said.

Brandon got started in New Braunfels with financing the building of new homes and lots, and land loan financing in a handful of communities. From there he acquired community development financing experience -- from raw land to interior funding and conversion to paper lots.

“I have experience with condominium financing going back to 2007 with about 75% of the residential projects you see in the Austin skyline,” he added.

Working with professionals like Barton Creek Lending means less complicated situations and transactions.

“Brandon and his team consistently provide creative solutions for our clients. I value his ‘can-do’ attitude and know that he will make things happen,” said April Mayo, Dripping Springs Elite member.

Sparks Flying in Dripping Springs

The Sparks Team of Barton Creek Lending Group’s passion of serving its clients extends to being a good community partner as well.

“I am a part of this community and I am here to stay. My home is here, my daughter goes to school here in our neighborhood…and we are here to support our community before, during and after transactions,” he added.

With the real estate market in Dripping Springs expected to continue to explode, and his extensive knowledge of every type of residence, The Sparks Team of Barton Creek Lending Group will definitely be in demand.

“There is absolutely no one who will work harder to meet your needs with this level of passion…and no one else who can go toe-to-toe with the service that my team and I provide,” he added.

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