4 Reasons Fall Could Be Just as Hot as Summer for Hill Country Homeowners

Worried you missed out on the hot real estate market over the summer? Never fear. There’s still plenty of opportunity to cash in on the influx of Austin-bound buyers. In fact, statistics say this fall may be hotter than ever before if you’re thinking of selling your home. Here are the top four reasons:

Corporate Diversity

More corporations than ever before are moving to Austin—and it’s not just the tech sector. The city continues to attract a diverse group of companies including those in the medical and biotech industries.

Construction Delays

The sights and sounds of construction are everywhere as builders scramble to expedite new home construction in the Austin area. However, with big supply chain delays and exploding demand, they still aren’t fast enough to keep up. Inventory is extremely low and continues to fall.

The Rise of the Home Office

City dwellers are now being drawn to Austin’s suburbs like Dripping Springs where they can adapt to a new work-from-home culture. Demand for homes in these outlying communities is higher than ever as workers trade high-rise offices for home-based workspaces.

Low Interest Rates

We are still experiencing historically low mortgage interest rates at sub-3%. This is attractive to both investors and first-time home buyers looking to establish roots.

The key takeaway? You still have plenty of time to strike while the iron is hot. If you’re interested in listing your home this fall, you can rest assured that it’s still a sellers’ market. And experts agree, this trend is set to continue into the unforeseeable future as our central Texas region continues to expand at an unprecedented rate.

We’re here to help with any questions you may have, and we have the expertise to navigate Dripping Springs real estate’s special characteristics like water wells, septic systems, wildlife exemptions and deed restrictions. Contact us today for more information.