ZenHouse Collective

Since 2006, I've dedicated myself to photographing some of Los Angeles' most iconic homes, showcasing billions in real estate through my lens. My approach to photography transcends traditional boundaries - it's a deep dive into the narrative of each home, honoring the architects, builders, designers, and the unique energy of the land and its history. Now, we have expanded ZenHouse Collective to the vibrant Austin area, where the real estate landscape is as diverse as its cultural richness. It's an honor to step into this new environment, and I look forward to bringing our passion for visual storytelling to contribute to the uniqueness of Austin's real estate market.

As demand for my unique photographic perspective grew, I transitioned from a one-man show to forming ZenHouse Collective - a team of talented photographers who share my vision and passion. This collective not only expands our capacity to meet growing demands but also allows us to bring diverse photographic styles and innovative techniques to the table, all while maintaining the core ethos of respect and reverence for the spaces we capture. It's about more than just capturing images; it's about paying respect to every element that makes a house a home – the architects, the builders, the designers, and the energy of both the home and the land it sits on.

Contact Info

Michael McNamara, Owner