Front Door with Glass Surround

The Front Door, A Window to your Home's Soul

The old adage, the eyes are the window to the soul, perfectly illustrates the character of your home’s front door. Considering the front door is essentially the ‘Welcome Committee’ for guests as they enter a home, many homeowners are determined to choose a front door that bids their guests welcome while at the same time embracing their own personality and style. When selecting the perfect front door, homeowners will consider several design options, most impactful of these being color and material.

Selecting a color that is on-trend and embraces a homeowner’s own style is easier now, more than ever. While traditional doors of the past shied away from any color other than natural browns or whites, today’s options for varied colors are being embraced and are limitless. Whether one seeks a vibrant red, calming blue, unique yellow or muted neutrals or pastels, the right color is out there. If color is not the desire, many are finding black doors to be a serene and peaceful option. In other cases, a variety of wood-like materials and stains, ranging from natural to dark woods can be utilized.

When considering the makeup of a front door, the old school idea that a front door should be solid wood only, is falling by the wayside. Trending today are doors made with steel, glass or a combination of these and other materials. Many homeowners desire the light and airy feeling a door made entirely of glass offers while others want the bold, sleek and modern look of a steel door.

Doors made with a combination of glass and wood or other materials allows for a variety of choices that can encompass many different personalities and styles. Suffice it to say, the options on door construction are far and wide making any material choice, the perfect choice.

While yearly trends can influence color and style choices, allowing individual personality and charm to harmoniously merge with trends will ultimately produce the perfect front door. With the right color and style, a front door can receive a guest with a resounding, “Come on in! You’re welcome here!”

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