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New Changes to Home Inspection Reports Mean Good News for Home Buyers

We all know that when buying a home, getting an inspection is a must. But are you aware that the home inspection process may look a little different than in previous years? That’s because TREC, or the Texas Real Estate Commission, has recently approved changes to reporting regulations. What does that mean for you, the real estate client? Better protection, according to Brian Stackhouse of AJI Inspections.

“The changes are a win for buyers,” said Stackhouse. “These new regulations will make the inspection process even more transparent, giving buyers a clearer picture of the home they are purchasing.”

The changes affect several categories including:


All outlets must now be listed as GFCI or AFCI. GFCI is the type of outlet that has an emergency breaker at the outlet, while AFCI detects faulty wiring at the breaker box. In addition, they must also be labeled “tamper-resistant.”


The type of water pipes used in construction must now be listed in Inspection reports.


To prevent falls from multiple storied homes, all windows two stories or higher with a windowsill that is 24 inches or less from the interior floor must have a device that prevents them from opening more than 4 inches.


All information pertaining to gas will be located in a separate section, even in regard to appliances. In addition, all home inspection reports will note an absence of carbon monoxide detectors.

Garage Doors

All garage access doors that are not equipped with a self-closing device that are attached to the home must have two spring loaded hinges as a fire safety measure. This would prevent fire from spreading easily to the main home in the event of a garage fire.

These regulations became effective Sept. 1, 2021, and give home buyers another tool to make an informed decision and ensure peace of mind. “I am a huge advocate for changes that benefit the consumer,” said Stackhouse. “Many years ago, I endured a bad inspection experience. It inspired me to become an inspector myself.”

Today, Stackhouse makes it his mission to ensure every inspection he performs is completely thorough with no stone unturned. Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, he takes his time throughout the process using a methodical approach to uncover and investigate any potential concerns.

“I’m never in a rush. This is the largest purchase of your life. It should be filled with excitement, not unexpected surprises. These new changes fall right in line with my ultimate mission: to protect the homebuyer.”

Brian Stackhouse is a preferred home inspector as a Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Professional Advertiser. With a vast construction background in both residential and commercial properties, Stackhouse is familiar with virtually every aspect of the construction process. His experience and dedication to excellence make him the perfect partner for Dripping Springs Elite’s clients. Learn more about Brian and AJI Inspections here.