Independence Title: Insuring Real Estate Transactions, Ensuring Peace Of Mind

When buying real estate, selecting the right title company is crucial to a seamless and successful transaction. Title companies play an integral role in a property’s purchase, sifting through its history to ensure the owner has a right to sell. In the state of Texas, title companies even serve as the escrow officer or closing agent on the property.

The job seems pretty cut and dried, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Sometimes title companies run into unforeseen issues such as unpaid taxes, liens, forgeries and document errors--even previous owners who say they still have a stake in the property.

That’s why it’s important to align yourself with a title company you can trust. For the members of Dripping Springs Elite Real Estate Professionals, that trusted ally is Independence Title.

“Independence Title is headquartered right here in central Texas—with a local office in Dripping Springs,” said Stephanie Pope, Stanberry REALTORS and member of Dripping Springs. “That means their agents have the experience and understanding necessary to assess the unique challenges buyers and sellers could potentially face when conducting real estate transactions in the area.”

That level of understanding can be critical to easing the stress level of clients anxious to close a transaction.

Easing the Closing Stress

“Our closing team, comprised of Mary Blanck and Gail Hagemann, have been welcoming new families and friends to Dripping Springs for a combined total of 60+ years,” said Sarah Holmes, business development representative for Independence Title. “Their knowledge of Dripping Springs and the growth of the community are a tremendous value to our clients.”

Dedicated to Education

The Independence Title team is not only known for its wealth of local knowledge, but they are also renowned for their dedication to industry education as well, keeping agents and their clients current about new rules and regulations. This ensures that closing day is kept on schedule, and without any surprises--the recipe for a seamless transaction.

“We have close relationships with realtors in the group and all hold very high standards for excellence,” said Holmes. “Having a partnership with professionals who share your values only translates to positive experiences for customers.”

Yet another goal Independence Title and Elite agents have in common.

Providing Peace of Mind

“We know if we have a closing with Independence Title, we can count on the closing to run smoothly with no stone unturned,” said Pope. “At the end of the day, they are delivering more than just real estate services. They are providing peace of mind.”

Learn more about Independence Title and the many ways they can help facilitate your next transaction.